Friday, December 3, 2010


Well, I recently made a trip up to Chico’s neck of the woods for our annual PSE team meeting. Since you’re wondering why a company selling hunting products would have a meeting during the peak Whitetail hunting season, I’ll fill you in on the excitement…

Our annual meeting is scheduled around this time as it allows our Regional Manager, Paul Penix, a chance to get back from Arizona (PSE’s headquarters) and hopefully have a full delivery of the new 2011 products for us to not only review but SHOOT! We get a hands on technical review and then an opportunity to run each and every product through its paces. Paces, sounds like a horse race, I should have said “down the ¼ mile”!!!

Each year we see improvements in the Archery industry by all the competitors but this year, PSE has made a quantum leap! While there’s a lot of stuff I’m privy to as a staff member that I can’t tell you about, here’s what I can…

First, check out the new website! WWW.PSE-ARCHERY.COM It’s totally redesigned with lots more information and it currently has the new line up…and it’s accepting orders! New technology animation videos, Pro shooter interviews and much, much more.

Next the bows…

If you’ve read some of my journals in the past, you know that I’ve been shooting the PSE Omen for the last year and a half. Are the cams aggressive? You bet! Does it have a super shallow brace height? 5 ½” …you bet! Is it faster than Superman with a sugar high? Sonic booms don’t have time to even start! Does it shoot smooth as glass? You could cut a diamond on it! Could PSE improve on that? YOU BET! The new Omen Pro is not only faster and smoother, PSE has re-designed it to pull back so smoothly you’ll take it to a pro shop just to have someone else tell you you’re really pulling back 70lbs even if it feels like 60lbs! or less! I shot the new Omen Pro with 60lb limbs, dialed all the way down it pulled at 63 lbs and it felt like I was pulling 50 lbs! How did PSE accomplish this you ask? …well, I can tell you a couple things. First, they re-engineered the riser, called the new Planer Flex Riser, thickening it while at the same time milling down some areas to keep the weight down. This helps change the vibration and flex in the riser from side to side on a shot, to forward and back. By changing this vibration and flex direction it provides a more stable launch and a more accurate shot. Next, they introduced the new Centerlock Limb Pockets. They’re wider and longer. By widening the split limbs and lengthening the pockets, PSE has increased the stability and power all at the same time. From 50lbs to 80lbs and 26” to 30” (in half inch increments!), its draw length specific and ready to knock down anything walking the planet! (I’m not sure about setting this monster killer up for bow fishing…but Moby Dick had better stay on the bottom!)

The Drury brothers Dream Season has been the pinnacle of speed, smoothness and hunting for years. This year, PSE introduced us to the Dream Season EVO (yup, that’s for EVOlution!). Incorporating all the changes in the Omen Pro, the DS EVO uses the new AXE Hybrid cams. Smooth? Time to add the butter to the glass cause you’ll be cooking some backstraps before you know it. These cams are not draw length specific and can be adjusted from 25” to 30” in half inch increments with the included module (which stores in the cam!)

What other bows are in the line up with the new technology? Well, you’re going to have to go visit the web site cause otherwise I’d be writing for way more time than I have available. Don’t miss the new Dominator series and the Supra One Cam…. And that’s just the Pro Line!

The Bow Madness still leads the way in the main line and that’s a bow that out performs the top of the Pro line competition for half the price! It’s a monster sleeper for sure! Zzzzzzz BOOM!

There are improvements to the Chaos and a new youth bow called the Mini Burner (and boy does it burn!). The Chaos is now offered in only 2 draw weights, 30 and 60lbs…why? Because you can now adjust them down in weight by 50%! 60lbs all the way down to 30lbs!

Ok, I gotta stop now or this will turn into a book! Go check out the web site!

Did I mention that a number of the bows even ship with America’s Best bowstrings

Don’t forget about the Crossbows either! TAC15 or TAC10…..William Tell would not only shoot the apple off his sons head, but at way past a few paces and he could do it if his son was on the opposite side of the tree!

Ok, Ok…till next time, put some gloves on cause the new PSE’s are SMOKIN HOT! (guess you’ll have pre-cooked venison shish kabob for 2011!)

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