Monday, September 27, 2010

Caring for Concealed...

I just wanted to write a quick blog to remind everyone who has a CCW/CPL not to neglect your carry firearm. I today’s hectic environment it’s easy to come home in the evening, take your firearm off (locked up or secured) and forget about it until the next time you take it with you. You might think, “Hey, I haven’t had time to go to the range and practice, so I know it’s clean…” …WRONG! Carrying concealed, whether you fire your gun or not, is active service. It will get dirty. While I would never say pocket lint or light rust will cause your firearm to malfunction, would you bet your life or the lives of your family on it?

There are a couple of ways you’re going to carry your firearm, against the body or just under a layer of material. If you’re going to carry against the body, like in an IWB rig (Inside the Waist Band), one of the biggest concerns you should address is moisture. Whether you are exerting yourself and sweating or simply carrying all day, your body releases moisture. With the firearm trapped between your clothing and your skin, even with a holster (and especially with a Clip carry), steel components will start to rust. Even well oiled, body moisture can still get to spots internally and start the process of oxidation. You are trapping the moisture in your firearm.

For all methods of carry you should always be aware that dirt, lint and the like can and will find its way into your firearm one way or another. Fibers from your shirt or pants can get wedged into small areas…like behind the trigger, the safety lever or decocker, etc.

It should be part of your habit/routine to not only check for function and load every time you pick up your firearm, but also for dirt and moisture/rust. Make sure you break your firearm down and give it a light cleaning and a quick oil once a week (Dead Down Wind odorless oil is an excellent example). This is for pistols and revolvers…

Protecting our families and our lives is not something that should be neglected.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin, You made the statement that carrying is an "active service". What did you mean by that? D\I hope readers don't make the mistake of believing that having a permit is similar to being a police officer (I've seem those badges that 'Cheaper Than Dirt' sells). If you should shoot someone, for any reason, be prepared to lose everything you have paying attorneys to keep you out of jail. Almost every trainer I've heard said that unless you or your family's life is threatened, just get the heck out of there. I'm sure there could be a case where you don't have a choice to be involved, but realize that you could be entering into something that you didn't expect. The gunman could be an undercover officer making an arrest. It could be a family dispute, and you will lose even if you do what's right. The assailant's family could sue you for no reason, and they will financially destroy your family even if they don't have much of a case. Just some issues to think about, and possibly do another blog post on. Unless you are fully trained, not in shooting, but in responding, you are asking for trouble. I realize we all want to do what John Wayne would do, but in America today, if you do respond that way, expect that the rest of your life could be a living hell. Sorry to be so negative Kevin, but I'd just like you readers to tink about this if they haven't. Regards, Bob