Thursday, May 13, 2010

Turkey Season Blues

Turkey Season Blues…

Well, my turkey season has come and gone. No bird is in the freezer, no bird ready to sit next to a serving of corn bread and stuffing…. It’s called hunting for a reason, that’s for sure. However, every time out is an exciting adventure. A time to learn and a time to have fun. I used my slate call for the first time. While I thought it sounded pretty good, listening to it on my video tape kind of points out a few things I need to practice on….a lot of practice… I can almost see why I heard a lot of Toms but couldn’t get them to come in for a shot. Honestly, would you want to get any closer to a screaming, drunken, angry, crying “hen” than you had too? I think they only talked back as a way to feel better about themselves for attempting to talk to the “crazy lady” ..then ran as far and as fast as they could! I did use the box call a few times but I think that just added to the confusion for those Toms…. TWO of THEM! YIKES! Run Boys! Four years now that I’ve been trying to get a turkey and I can't say I’ve not been having a riot. I have to blame Mike cause it’s his fault he got me started in this. Here's a picture of him and Mikey from my first turkey hunt.

Time sure has flow (along with the birds), Mikey is getting close to only being called Mike now and Mike is already past being called something else (LOL!). Me, I’m looking forward to taking my daughter out for her turkey hunt. She’s got a couple weeks of hunting and I’ve got a couple weeks of memories to build.

Some say a Turkey is an ugly bird. I say, it doesn’t matter what they say…look at all the beauty it brings into my life.

Kevin – 0

Turkeys – 4


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Tim Ford said...

At least you have gotten out. I was going to take my son last Saturday but mother nature had other plans. So hopeufully tomorrow. Good luck to you and your daughter on her hunt.