Monday, February 1, 2010

Benefits 4 Kids

Benefits 4 Kids

Saturday night several members of the UNJ team attended the 6th annual Winter Pig Roast fundraiser. This is the second time I’ve taken my family to this event and it will not be the last. Many folks are familiar with the Make-A-Wish foundation, the B4K foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) focuses on the same type of support but while Make-A-Wish does not provide “Out door” type adventures, B4K does. It has granted the outdoor wishes of dozens of children with life threatening and/or life limiting illnesses since it’s creation in 1998.

The Annual Pig Roast it one of B4K’s biggest fundraising events and is usually sold out well in advance of the event. This years tickets were sold out in early December, shortly after they were announced.

While the Pig Roast is a great time for everyone with good food, door prizes, raffles and auctions, it is also a time to reflect on who the event is for…the kids. When you look at the list of kids you need to remember that these brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, grandchildren, these children, these growing young folks, are all part of this program because they face lives complicated by such things as sever burns, cystic fibrosis, tumors and Cancer (to name a few). They are sometimes restricted because they are unable to get around and even sometimes unable to survive without the support of a wheel chair and life support equipment. But they are people too and have the desire to experience activities we take for granted but B4K takes for a cause. We need to recognize these children and the struggles they face as they grow into young adults and eventually to adulthood.

We also need to recognize that sometimes they don’t even get that opportunity. Life.

The B4K event is also a time for tears. A time to remember and rejoice in the lives of those whom God has decided he has a need for by his side. For them to join him, in peace, without pain and for some, even to walk in his gardens once more. Saturday was an event that showed what B4K is really about. Dozens of supporters attending the event are the parents and family members of those children who lost their battles on earth, yet ascend to their “adventures” eternally. This event was even more so. I would guess that at least 30 attendees, if not more, were there for one child. His parents were there, his family was there, he was not. He had passed away on Monday. Monday! Six days before, yet his parents and family were there. If you would ask what a single adventure could mean to a child, ask this family. Ask all the families of these children. Sometimes, it means everything.

We can all help. Some by donating and giving to organizations like B4K, some by giving their time or their fields or boats, as guides, as mentors or just as friends.

Attend one of these events, you won’t walk out as the same person, only God could do that and he’d just look at you and say…. I told you so.

I know, He told me.



William Dunigan said... oriented adventure stories.

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CarrieZ said...

What a great organization. It makes me proud to know that there are people like that in the world who truly give back for the pure joy of it.
~ Carrie