Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deer Camp with CamoGirl 2009: Part 4

Deer Camp with CamoGirl 2009
Part 4:

Well, once again we’re all up at 5:15, heat up some beef bacon on toast and some orange juice, finish getting ready and out the door we go! The morning was quite and chilly with a light wind. Shortly after day break (around 7:30 or so) CamoGirl was glassing the fields and spotted a nice looking doe at the edge of the tree line. She stood there for quite a while, often looking back behind her. I though for sure she was watching a buck heading her way… Get ready CamoGirl! While we were watching her, a few comments were made about not getting a doe license for this area…hint, hint, hint. That hint was quickly changed to “boy am I glad you didn’t get a doe license for me” when the doe turned back to the wood line and gathered her little one with her… and another nice doe with a second little one. We watched them casually travel across the field about 40 yards in front of us and safely reach the next set of woods. I even got them on video tape.
Around 10 am, Ned and Mitch got down from their treestands and took them down (Their orange vests went on their backs for the hike out carrying stands). We met up and headed to the house, time to load the trucks.

It’s always a bit sad when we have to leave but we’re already planning on the next time we come up after the snow is down and it’s time to scout some more.

So for now, it’s Deer Camp 0, Deer 10. It’s kinda weird to spend so much time hunting and not doing the hunting my self but I would not trade it for the world. I had the time of my life enjoying some bow hunting and the opening of Michigan’s gun season with my daughter. A lot of laughs and a small amount of frustration but that’s why it’s called “hunting”. Look it up in the dictionary, I’m sure it’s defined as “…spending time in the outdoors, enjoying friends and family, learning and being a part of our American Heritage…”

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